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What kind of photos do you want as memories from your special day? This is an important question to answer as you cannot change your decision after the day has come and gone.

There is also the fact that I'm a wedding professional photographer and I have a list of great moments at your wedding that I intend to capture. Still, it never hurts to create yours. You don't want to be wishing six months later that you had requested for a picture with your favorite aunt at your wedding.

So, what kind of shots should you include in your wedding photo checklist? Ultimately, it depends on you and the type of wedding you're having, but here is a general list of great shots that you can either follow or add and subtract from to create yours.

Before Your Wedding Day

  • Your Engagement Shoot- Here, you get the chance to know your photographer, and they'll get to know you too. You can hand them your wedding photo checklist at this point if you have it ready and are sure that you want to work with them.
  • Bridal Session- If you're having a bridal session before your wedding, it's a great way to bond with your bridal party and have amazing photos of you in your gown without any pressure. You could also use the opportunity to get used to being seen in your wedding gown.

Before the Ceremony

  • Depending on how early everyone rises, the time here is usually a rush, but the following shots would be great for your wedding album.
  • The wedding dress
  • The bride and bridal party getting ready
  • The placing of the veil
  • The bride's parents and the bridal party getting their first look of the bride in the dress.
  • The groom and the groomsmen getting ready
  • Cufflinks, wristwatch, and the pinning of the boutonniere.
  • The bride's portraits
  • The bride and bridal party
  • The groom's portraits
  • The groom and the groomsmen
  • The bride and groom with their parents
  • The rings
  • The bride's shoes
  • The veil
  • Jewelry
  • The bouquet
  • The Boutonniere
  • The wedding invites
  • The getaway car if it is ready and decorated at this point
  • The First Look if you've opted for one

groom getting ready with icelight

At the Ceremony

  • Parents and grandparents entering
  • The groom and groomsmen entering
  • The wedding party procession featuring each person
  • The ring bearer
  • The bride and escort walking down the aisle
  • The reaction of the groom as the bride walks down the aisle
  • The bride being given away
  • All aspects of the ceremony and details
  • A wide-angle shot of the service including everyone
  • The audience and their reactions during the ceremony
  • The ring exchange
  • The first kiss
  • The recessional
  • The receiving line, including the bubbles, confetti, birdseed, or whatever else is used

bridal party at the ceremony

After the Ceremony

  • The couple with their family members on each side
  • The couple with the officiant
  • The couple with the bridal party
  • The couple with the flower girl and ring bearer
  • The photoshoot at a secondary location
  • Close-ups of the couple's hands showing off their new rings
  • The couple signing the wedding license

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At the Reception

  • A quick picture of the reception location and its décor before everyone arrives
  • The cake before it is cut
  • The centerpieces
  • The wedding party walking in
  • The couple walking in
  • The toasts
  • The speeches
  • The cake cutting ceremony
  • The first dance
  • The parent-child dances
  • The garter toss
  • A picture of the groom with who caught the garter
  • The bouquet toss
  • A picture of the bride and who caught the bouquet
  • Any special event or games that happen
  • The dance floor
  • The exit and any activities planned for the moment
  • The couple leaving in the getaway car

Your Complete Printable Wedding Photo Checklist: Wedding_Shot_List.pdf

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Like I said before, this is just a general checklist and you can edit it to reflect your wedding in whatever way that you please. You could take out the garter toss if you're not having one and include a unique picture with your Aunt Lisa, for instance. Remember that your photographer will also take photos in the moment and as they see fit. Its what they're good at, so be sure to let them do their job.

Speaking of excellent photographers, my name is Susanna Antichi, and I am the photographer at Susanna Antichi Photography. If you're looking for a photographer for your wedding who is passionate and will provide you with pictures, you'll be thankful for; I am the one for you!

I handle weddings in Mexico and Italy, and I also love to capture destination weddings.

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