Susanna Antichi


I know everyone has the same questions, so I thought that it would be best to answer some of them here as an easy reference point. For more question you need a answer feel free to contact me!

Is it important that I like you if you are going to photograph?

I feel that it is very important that you like your photographer. It comes across in your photographs if you are at ease with me. I know I am not the perfect photographer for everyone out there – I’m not trying to be. I want us to be a great fit. I do hope that if you have read this far, I am the right photographer for you, and if so, I would love to work with you. I look forward to hearing from you!

How do I hire you?

Feel free to contact me, I am sure we can find the best solution for your requests. We’ll pick a date, I’ll send you a contract (digital) that you will sign and then you’ll pay your session reservation fee. The final payment will be due the same day of your session.

If I hire you, will you photograph my session?

When you book me, you get me.

What if something happens and you can’t shoot my session for some reason? What if I can’t make my session?

I really don’t ever want to risk making someone sick. I also don’t want to get sick. My normal rule is that if I have a fever or if I know I’m contagious, I will reschedule our shoot. If you’re sick, I would appreciate it if you do the same. We’ll work together to find a new date that works well for both of us.

How are my photos stored?

As soon as I complete a session, before I do any editing to the photos, I copy them all to two external hard drives. I then edit them from one external drive. Once the editing process is complete and the photos are online, I make a copy of the final proofed images in high-resolution JPG format. All galleries are protected with an access code so that no one else can view your photos without your permission. If my package includes the DVD/USB of high-resolution images, why should I buy prints from you? Years ago, photographers used to feel it was critical that they control your photographs. Times have changed. So I get why you would want a DVD/USB of your images, so I incurage for you to receive a copy. I want you to have them if you want them. You have permission to print them as well. However, there is something to be said for having me print your photographs. Then I can control how the images come out, because my monitors are calibrated for my lab. My prints are heirloom quality, and printed on papers only available to professionals. Much like the old photographers used to do it, I take your proofs and do additional digital work to them to make them perfect before they go off to print. I tweak the colors, retouch any skin imperfections, fix things like under-eye circles, and just make them pretty before I send them off. When it comes to getting prints from us, our professional lab only prints for professional photographers. I have worked to make sure that photographs look the same way on our screen as they do when our lab prints them. I know them, and I trust them. They print on the best quality papers with archive quality inks. Our canvas print company is also the leader in the industry and their canvases are beautiful work, neatly stretched on mounts, and finished on the back to hang nicely.

How many photographs do you take at a session?

A lot. Most clients with 2 hour sessions receive 50 images, if not more.

Where will you photograph my session?

My 1-2 hour sessions are, at your home, at the beach, or at the hotel of your choice. The only time there are additional fees for the space is if you opt to go with a hotel – the hotel fees are not included in the session. Travel fees may apply for locations outside of the Riviera Maya area.

If you live outside Riviera Maya – like in another state – and you would love for me to come there for a session, I am happy to work out travel arrangements with you. If you have friends that would like sessions also – portrait, wedding, trash the dress, whatever – you are welcome to coordinate with them and share the cost of my airfare and hotel.

How much time should I allow for my session?

Most of my sessions involve 1 hour of shooting, plus time for outfit changes, getting to know each other, and things like that – so be sure to allow plenty of time. The perk of spending so much time together? It will help to put you at ease.It shows in the photos when you are more comfortable and relaxed.

What time of day is best for our session?

It all depends on where the shoot is taking place. If it takes place on the beach, the light is best during the early morning and late afternoon. If we’ll be at your home or a hotel, it depends on the lighting there — we can talk about it to work out the perfect time.

What should I bring?

A smile look great in photographs! I don’t provide outfits or props for sessions, you can bring whatever you want.

Do you do makeup or hair?

I’m happy to provide makeup artist and hairstylists that could meet you to do your hair and makeup if you would like.

My session is over; what happens next?

Once we complete the edits, you will receive my email to view your portraits, select images for your album, and select your photographs for wall collections, canvas gallery wraps, or any other items you would like. I will also post your proofs online for you to review at the Clients Access link listed on every page of this site. You will have a special access code for your gallery so only you can view the images.
We will take the images you select for your album and prepare a proof of the album for you to review. Once your album layout is finalized and you sign off on it, it will be sent to the printer and the book will be created. The book will be ready within approximately 4/6 weeks . 
When your album is finished, if you prefer we can have it sent directly to you.

To book your session contact me!

Calendar 2018:

Italy - destination wedding - June 1st/July 4th

Italy - destination wedding - October 25th/November 10th

Calendar 2017:

Italy - destination wedding - November 20th/December 8th

Calendar 2016:

Las Vegas/USA - WPPI International Conference - March 3rd/10th
Mexico City/Mexico - destination wedding - June 2nd/6th
Italy - weddings - August 1st/September 29th

New York/USA - PhotoPlus Conference - October 19th/24th

Calendar 2015:

Las Vegas/USA - WPPI International Conference - February 26th/March 6th
Mexico City/Mexico - destination wedding - March 7th/9th
Italy - destination weddings - July 20th/September 29th
Los Angeles/USA - Wedding Workshop with Rocco Ancora and Ryan Schembri - November 1st/6th

Calendar 2014:

Holbox Island/Mexico - destination wedding -March 20th/22nd
Mexico City/Mexico - destination wedding - April 17th/21th
Italy/Siena - destination wedding - May 23rd/June 5th
Italy/Monteriggioni - Wedding Workshop - May 31st
Germany/Munich - destination wedding- June 6th/9th
Italy - destination wedding - September 4th/17th
Chicago/USA - Wedding Workshop with Jerry Ghionis October 3rd/7th
Merida/Mexico - destination wedding - November 1st/3rd

Calendar 2013:
Italy - destination wedding - September 5th/20th